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Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)

My Score:



Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the new installment to a popular spinoff from the Mario franchise. While this game does some new and intriguing stuff, it fails to define what it means to be an RPG and a (traditional) Paper Mario game.


The story begins with the celebration of an event called "sticker fest". But the party is ruined by, none other, than Bowser. After gaining more power than he did, and kidnapping Princess Peach (again...), Mario meets a talking crown sticker, named Kersti. For then on, the journey to stop Bowser and save Peach begins (again....).

While the series is known to have entertaining stories, sticker star has little to no story involved; making it feel thin and basic.


- The writing at least keeps the spirit of the Paper Mario series.
- Some of the dialogue can be funny.


- It is actually the worst story in the series.
*This is because the story is basically beat Bowser and Save Peach.
- The worlds lack any form of story to immerse you like it did in past Paper Mario games (even Super Paper Mario).


Sticker Star involves characters such as Kersti and some NPCs. It also has some villains working for Bowser.

.... You see how short that was?


- It's entertaining to see the dialogue between some NPCs and Villains.


- Kersti, while an alright character, is USELESS; in terms of gameplay. Actually telling you after certain battles ways to defeat an enemy.
- The NPCs lack the dialogue to move the story, making the worlds feel shallow.
- The villains are pathetic; basically just fighting you.
- Mario (for whatever reason) hardly shows any form of emotion in-game.


Sticker Star, while having some form of RPG elements from past Paper Mario games, introduces a sticker system. Be warned: once you use a sticker, it'll be gone for good. To use more stickers in battle, you must pay a certain amount of coins (the value increases, the more you use it).

While fun in it's own right, it's potential stops halfway; due to issues with the stickers. It's a shame too, as it shows it doesn't need partners.


- It's fun to experiment.
- Some strategy involved with preserving stickers.
- Fun to battle enemies with stickers, such as multi-slippers and multi-hammer.
- Some of the puzzles are cool.


- The over reliance of stickers removes basic RPG elements. This includes:
* Guard
* Items
* Attacking without stickers
- Lacks proper rewards early on.
- The only option you have, once you run out of stickers, is to RUN.
- For whatever reason, the game has the ability to use jump and hammer outside of battle..... WITHOUT STICKERS. And yet, you still have to use stickers and never use basic jump and hammer attacks once you run out.
- Poor balance of puzzles that are either complicated or simple.
- Tedium of buying stickers from shops and creating "thing" stickers.


Nothing wrong with the music itself, as it fits the games and follows the legacy of Paper Mario.


Unlike past games, this game features a world map.

Some neat stuff added to the game was interesting. But like the gameplay, it has issues.


- Quick travel helps sometimes.
- A sticker museum.
- Amount of save files.
- Some secrets.


- Quick travel only works if you finish a level. Otherwise, you have to back travel out of the level.
- Lacks any incentive to replay the game, due to the overall product.
- Using a sticker in the museum wastes it.


Sticker Star isn't a bad game. The real problem, however, is the fact that whatever Sticker Star does well, it doesn't do well enough to foster what it was striving for. This game could've worked, had it not been for story, gameplay, and content issues. It might be worth a rent, but fans of Paper Mario should skip it. This game is lower than Super Paper Mario.


Yeah, I'd have to agree. I am currently at the final "level" and am about to face Bowser and my final thought is "was that it"? It's definitely Paper Mario-lite but I'm not sure if I can settle for that. The only thing that I can positively take away from the experience was the music was quite nice. Nothing more.
Good review.

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