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Study finds social games pulling in more core gamers than traditional platforms

The following information comes from a study by market research firm Information Solutions Group. The study includes over 1,400 gamers in the U.S..

- social games are gradually attracting more hardcore gamers over from traditional game platforms
- 82 percent of "hardcore social gamers" (someone who has played a "core" genre on a social network) also play console game
- social game playing is "disrupting" their traditional gaming habits
- 41 percent of U.S. internet users have played social games
- hardcore social players will stick with a game for longer periods of time than more casual social gamers
- 68 percent of hardcore social players play for three hours or more each day
- 43 percent of casual social gamers play for three hours or more each day
- hardcore social gamers noted that they were playing on their games consoles less
- average 50 percent decline in spending on console titles
- 27 percent of social gamers who played games on other platforms said they're spending less time playing games on those other platforms

"This research goes further in segmenting and identifying the gameplay habits of hardcore and casual social gamers than any previous study. While casual social gamers skew female and older, hardcore social gamers skew male and younger, in line with typical core gamer demos. Based on these survey results, hardcore social games are increasingly stealing play time from core games." - Carll Frye, director at Information Solutions Group

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