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Nintendo Power - Details on Cave Story hitting eShop, Mighty Switch Force updates

We posted up some information earlier today pertaining to a Nintendo Power feature that detailed updates for Cave Story 3DS and Mighty Switch Force. Here's the next round of info on all of that.

Cave Story DSiWare being revamped for eShop

- includes new modes and features
- jukebox mode, adjustable controls, Boss Rush, Curly Story, Hell Time Attack, Wind Fortress, Nemesis Challenge, and more
- adds a widescreen presentation and 3D effect
- DSiWare version may be removed from eShop, but will remain on DSiWare shop

Mighty Switch Force updates

- content will be delivered in a game update
- includes 5 free levels
- will also enhance the game's 3D effect
- adds a quick-retry button

Link, Link


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