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Parents Play: SM64

EoD - Splatoon quiet

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - more job details

- Knight: Excels in offense and defense and acts as a shield for the party.
- Monk: These hand to hand specialists have fists that can break stone.
- White Mage: In addition to recovering HP, White Mages have attack spells like Holy.
- Black Mage: Black Mages are masters of destructive magic.
- Argent Heinkel: This level headed knight is the commander of the Eternia Air Force.
- Bearing Out: A monk who brags about his "steel body" and steers the airship.
- Holy White: As the squad’s white mage she heals the group and controls the airship’s bridge.
- Ominous Crowe: The group’s black mage who butts heads with Holy White.


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