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RUMOR - Who wants to hear an off-the-wall rumor about Eminem and the Wii U?

I've posted a lot of rumors over the years. Some of them are outrageous while others are definitely plausible. Every once in awhile there's a rumor that I can't decide on posting or not. This is one of those rumors...and I figure I'll give it a post. Wait until you hear this one.

- a marketing agency in Sacramento, California teamed with Nintendo for an E3 video
- the video features rapper Eminem
- post production work on the video will be going on this week
- video includes footage of a Nintendo-published Wii U title called "Acid Ghost", which is aimed at older gamers
- Eminem will play the game in this video

Yeah, I told you it was a crazy one. Now who wants to take a bet that this is the real deal!? Thanks to our anonymous source for the heads up.

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