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Iwata Asks: Dragon Quest X - Part 1

The following Iwata Asks interview includes DQX director Jin Fujisawa, DQX producer Yousuke Saito and Dragon Quest series creator and game designer Hori Yuuji...

- Square-Enix was aiming for Dragon Quest X to deliver players the message that, "It's okay even if you don't play every day."
- Hori didn't want players to have their lives destroyed by having to check in with the game every day
- the Support Allies system lets players have your character join their party, even when you aren't playing
- this earns you experience and gold while you're away
- the "Energy Balls" system has a meter which charges when you're not logged in
- when your meter fills to a certain level, you obtain an engery ball
- an energy ball gives you double experience and gold for thirty minutes
- players who play only on the weekend will receive enough energy balls that they'll be able to play continuously with double gold and experience
- "Support Gold" system: If you reach a certain location as part of your progress through the game, you'll be given a certain amount of gold every week
- Hori says he's shy and isn't particularly good at making friends
- this is why Hori wanted to make sure Dragon Quest X could be played alone


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