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Shantae coming to 3DS VC

UPDATE - The wonderful Jonathan Holmes confirmed this information. That's all I needed to hear!

I don't have the latest issue of Nintendo Power, so I can't confirm this yet...

Looks legit to me, but I've definitely been fooled before. Thanks to Seance for the heads up!

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19 Aug 2012 14:31

That would be incredible! Would give me a reason to finally pick up the sequel too!
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19 Aug 2012 14:35

The ESRB rated it a long time ago for the 3DS.
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19 Aug 2012 14:35

This is a good day for Hisiru.
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19 Aug 2012 14:36

Did the person who sent this in mention anything about the article? Does NP say anything about a release date?... or is it just "WayForward has confirmed the game is ready" and "The game's been rated by the ESRB"?
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19 Aug 2012 14:36

Pretty sure I saw something about Shantae getting an age rating for the 3DS VC sometime ago on Gonintendo. Plus, there's this: http://wayforward.squarespace.com/blog/ ... nsole.html

I have no doubt that we'll get Shantae on the VC.
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19 Aug 2012 14:41

I was the one who sent this to RMC via Twitter, and I later found the full page scan from NP.
http://nintendocharged.com/NChargedLiba ... 6x1024.png
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19 Aug 2012 14:45

Yeah, it's definitely coming. It just comes down to NoA bothering to throw us a bone and update the 3DS VC without needing to have some big event or something. Same with stuff like Toki Tori GBC--that stuff is rated and ready to go. NoA just has to bother to actually put it up.
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19 Aug 2012 15:31

Yes, please. I hope they are working on a new one for the eShop as well.
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19 Aug 2012 16:21

THIS ISNT NEWS NOR A RUMOUR! Nintendo Power issue July 2012 (Wii U on the cover) is where this image is taken from. I'm looking at the open page as I type this.

It's amazing how NP gets these big stories regularly, yet few even notice.
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19 Aug 2012 16:38

Wayforward said it was,esrb rating exist there's no doubt this IS coming,the question is when.
No Avatar
19 Aug 2012 17:05

I always wanted to play the original Shantae, but the original game is REALLY expensive. I avoided the sequel mainly because I never played the original.

So... get this up on the eShop! I've heard nothing but great things about Shantae, and I'm eager to see it for myself.

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