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Mom Brain takes over the music section this week, and I think she does a mighty fine job! We also have a wonderful letter from a podcast listener/site reader that warms our hearts. On top of that, tons of Nintendo news!

Download the show here (thanks Poopaloop!)

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08 Sep 2012 23:47

Uh oh. I sent in a TON of songs a couple of weeks ago and not all of them have been played yet! I hope Mombrain doesn't have trouble finding them! xD
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09 Sep 2012 00:54

I love that Nicky Hill picture so much.
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09 Sep 2012 01:26

Wrong hyper-link!

Poopaloop + Nicky Hill = oh oh oooh!
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09 Sep 2012 11:48

Theres something about watching these Podcasts, and playing the Amazing Spider-man at the same time. Very enjoyable combo. ha ;P
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09 Sep 2012 12:14

Looks more like Groucho Marx: Ace Attorney.
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09 Sep 2012 17:55


I did the same thing, like half a year ago. I've still got like 5 out of 20 or so songs left, but any time MomBrain has done songs, none of those songs got played(and likely because it was in a ZIP file). And yep, no music from me this ep... maybe it's just luck of the draw for this week and none of mine made it in as normally happens, but I doubt it. She probably just doesn't want to mess with ZIP files.

Don't feel like sending in those old songs for the umpteenth time again, so if I do any more, it'll have to be new stuff, and I doubt I'm really up to doing that at the moment..

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