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Brazil - Wii U software release dates via retailer

Another retail list that shows us supposed release dates for some Wii U software...

All signs are pointing to November. Let's hope we get an early Nov. release instead of a late one! Thanks to Pellican for the heads up.

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No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 14:42

So it comes out on the 10th? YEY!
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 14:52

i prefer my november 18th, it just seems right
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 14:52

Shonen wrote:So it comes out on the 10th? YEY!

thats a Saturday,so maybe 11th
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 15:05

launch the white version with nintendo land on Nov 11th with the launch lineup releasing 1 each day - nintendo week.
then launch the black version on the 18th with Retros multiplayer "halo killer" - Metroid DREAD. Boom... the world just ended!
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 15:32

nfs wii u , full game no spin off online , would be the bigger news of that , a few weeks before or after is not going to change anything.
at the same time f1 race stars is listed and that officially canceled/never in production ... or was it the regular f1 game . In that case , yeah need for speed criterion .
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 15:37

I saw this yesterday at carrefour...
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 23:31

Sounds good to me. It really doesent make THAT much difference of just one week 11th or 18 who care SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

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