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01 Oct 2012 21:49

gonna be a lot of angry customers not getting a Wii U, can't wait for the madness
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01 Oct 2012 22:10

Can't wait any longer for this to come out. I hope Nintendo addresses "Wii U Chat" soon. I know video chat is there, but I would LOVE for them to support cross-game chat. Would seriously be the best thing ever to chat with friends over NSMBU.
User avatar
01 Oct 2012 22:53

The more stuff like this comes out, the more giddy I feel that I preordered the deluxe the day it was announced.
No Avatar
01 Oct 2012 22:55

Will be heading into EB this week to slap some more money down on our pre-order. I appreciate the fact that EB allows us to continue paying things down as opposed to other outlets that allow only a set amount with balance due at the day of launch.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 00:16

We are almost there. Just 6 1/2 more weeks!
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 00:24

they look good! Can't wait to bring my deluxe box home! It's clear from the packaging too that it's a NEW console and not a controller add on. I think in any store it will be pretty self-explanatory that it's a new system, just like the 3DS.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 11:17

ooooooooooohhh, just saw this. Hype levels increasing.

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