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This week's show is absolutely jam-packed full of news! Two Nintendo Direct events and an investor meeting means tons to talk about. On top of that, we get a wonderful reader messageboard post from one of you guys. Gives me the warm fuzzies, it does!

Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

Video is a tad choppy in the beginning, but that gets fixed up.

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28 Oct 2012 00:22

Watch out for Hurricane Sandy RMC
User avatar
29 Oct 2012 03:26

Yeah! I was mentioned! I'm really not surprised RMC had trouble pronouncing my Nickname. xD
It's pronounced "Elf-t-eh-row". It's the name of my first Elf D&D character. :D
Still, yeah, hearing RMC stopping in the middle of my badly written sentence because he seemed unsure of what I wanted to say make me feel bad. :(
I just want to say I'm sorry, I'm french, so English is not ma native language. I'll try my best to get it better next time (and I'll include how to pronounce my nick too, I didn't think it would end up being a top story mentioned)
User avatar
29 Oct 2012 07:38

Whoa, didn't expect a Trace Memory reference.
User avatar
04 Nov 2012 10:06


Yup! And EarthBound/Mother, but it looks too much like Bloo from Foster's when it's colored like Gameboy. D:

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