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Sequel to Solatorobo in the works

CyberConnect2 has confirmed that they're working on a sequel to Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, which was available on the DS. This information comes straight from company boss Hiroshi Matsuyama. Outside of creating a new story for the franchise, Mr. Hunter wasn't able to discuss any other details.


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User avatar
05 Nov 2012 13:59

I loved Solatorobo 1, so this is good news. The ending was bizarre and i don't feel like it was fully resolved. I'd love to see them build on the concept on the 3DS (even wii U, but that is highly doubtful)
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 14:01

*dancing like a crazy*
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 14:49

Surprise! IOS!
Just kidding.
I hope not.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 14:51

Is it for 3DS, I wonder? That'd be wonderful!
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 15:06

I would guess Vita before 3DS or Wii U.
No Avatar
05 Nov 2012 15:23

3DS version makes sense, sometimes Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe publishing a game helps with brand recognition.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 15:43

I guess we should all focus on the matter about when will this game be released.

I mean, it took 13 years for Tail Concerto to get a sequel, which is this (despite being Spiritual and stuff, it's all there).
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 16:43

Solatorobo is one of the many DS games that I never got around to picking up but also one of the DS games that I highly want. I'll probably snag this up whenever I get a chance.
No Avatar
05 Nov 2012 19:32

Well if it's anything like the first one, they can keep it. Solatorobo was one of the most monotonous RPGs I've had the misfortune of playing on the DS with a poor battle system, a not-so-great story and was short on content. Quite frankly baffled as to why people hold it in such high regard.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 20:37

There is a God!

Day 1 Purchase!
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 21:03

Didn't see that coming.

I hope it's for 3DS.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 23:26

Heck yeah! I been waiting for a confirmation on this!

I would prefer the 3DS, but whatever system it comes out for, I'm for it!
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 04:35


If only it would be for Wii U, but I bet it's for the 3DS. I will flip tables if it's for the sodding Vita.
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 08:17


Awesome, great news!
I just hope it's not going to be a Vita game. But Ibet it will be for 3DS.

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