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07 Nov 2012 08:45

I want!!! Just 11 more days.. I really hope GameStop does a Midnight release.
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:45

Reggie speaking Japanese is fantastic.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:54

"It feels like I'm host on a shopping channel"

Lol, Mr Iwata! :lol:
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 11:32

That was a good watch!
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 12:02

Haha, ceremony much. So that's why journalists have unboxing restrictions.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 12:30

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who carries white gloves around just in case I have to unbox a video game system.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:18

so 12 account is pretty awesome and having other accounts on your system be able to play downloaded games seems like a no brainer (unlike on 360).
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:28

Haha, Reggie's japanese is abysmal! But it was still fun to watch.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:43

Will the Iwata assembly video come with the console? /sarcasm
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:51

TBH at 2:10 Reggie looks really happy :P
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:57

LOL :lol: you'd think he would put the GamePad on the stand the right way the first time............NOPE.

I'm Loving this!
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 15:36

Reggie speaking Japanese is great.
That whole video was great, actually...
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 00:46

I love actually being able to understand him for once. They should just do this for all their Nintendo Directs.

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