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09 Nov 2012 23:06

Rich is such a weird looking guy.

Just a comment. Don't assume I have a grudge against IGN, please.
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10 Nov 2012 01:13

lol I guess it's difficult to have features about in-depth comparisons when Nintendo is keeping such a tight restriction on new info leading up to launch.
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10 Nov 2012 02:47

WesFX wrote:Rich is such a weird looking guy.

Just a comment. Don't assume I have a grudge against IGN, please.

People say the same about you. ;)

Hmm, can't decide if I think Audrey is cute or not...
User avatar
10 Nov 2012 06:00

Hahahahahahah! The ending was awesome!

I didn't like Audrey in this vid, but after that ending...Man, that was good! So cute!
Now let's drink some beers and fight! :P
No Avatar
10 Nov 2012 06:39

I hate it when people assume resistive automatically means single touch, which is absolutely not true. Granted, in the WiiU's case it is, but the way IGN states it their comment is misleading and lets the ignorant of the fact assume just that.

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10 Nov 2012 12:29

my question, is the abxy buttons on pro controller the same size as abxy on gamepad.....they look slightly smaller, or it may be a visual illusion.
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10 Nov 2012 12:41

Can I just say how bold of a move Nintendo is making, from wii being packed with the composite cable, to wii u being packed with HDMI? That's crazy! PS3 and 360 come with component~ way to go Nintendo! :D

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