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It's time for the Wii U spectacular! We take your Wii U questions for over an hour in order to answer everything we possibly can. I hope you get to learn some details you didn't know before. We had a blast answering what we could!

Download the show here (thanks Poopaloop!)

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11 Nov 2012 00:31

that gif is pretty cool XD
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 01:11

Any context for the gif?

This was a great podcast. Thanks again for answering the questions you could, it was fun. :D

One more week right?
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 03:17

dinorreah! i felt like that song was waaaay out of place for that game, so i had to send it along! and thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy guys!

also, thanks for all the wii-u info (the big n would allow)! great webisode guys!
No Avatar
11 Nov 2012 04:48

I hope mom-brain agreed to post that gif. It's kind of insulting - or did I miss something?

Also: Pretty good Podcast :)
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11 Nov 2012 06:57

OFF-TOPIC, but has anyone stopped to think that the original Wii released after both Xbox 360 and PS3, and the Wii U will release before either of the competing next-gen systems? Thus, Nintendo has released TWO new home consoles in between MS and Sony still wondering what their next gen plans are (both with groundbreaking new control method, none the less!).. pretty cool when you think about it. 8)
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 07:26

Pretty coolio info round-up. :)

I think I'll just stick to seeing the boot-up sequence once you are allowed to show it [maybe screens of the final eStore set-up in motion too], before going on a GN embargo [of sorts] till the 29th / 30th [whenever my Wii U and games arrive here in the UK]!
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 08:46

So... why is someone trying to get MoMbrain to eat a Suicide Pill? :3
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 09:08

That's definitely not RMC's wrist.

So I'm wondering who is harassing MomBrain with pills. Tan and thin........Cort?
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 09:21

Picture was cool...thre art style reminds me of Lynn Johnson (hope I spelt that right), creator of the comic "For Better of For Worse"
User avatar
11 Nov 2012 14:58

Is it on itunes? Couldnt find it.

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