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Random Time! - WaraWara, Waru Waru...all the same thing

Looks like even Nintendo wasn't sure what to call the Wii U Plaza. Here's a snippet from a recent Nintendo email.

The plaza is called WaraWara Plaza, but it seems like Nintendo was toying with a slightly different idea for a bit there. Thanks to Blumiere for the heads up!

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12 Nov 2012 00:00

I didn't like it either way. Bad move on their part.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 00:56

There's probably some Nopons out there somewhere with these names.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 02:16

How about Wakka Wakka?
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 04:07

WaraWara is hard to say anyways imo... At least, to me it is.

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