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Ubisoft on Killer Freaks' inspiration, ZombiU playtime, dev team and working with zombies

On Killer Freaks being inspired by Gremlins...

“We wanted to make something like Gremlins. It was interesting, but as we got further with WiiU, we discovered that it needed a slow-paced game to make people able to play with the two screens in the same moment. It was something new, and we thought it was something easy to learn. But when we made some tests, it was really hard.” - co-creative director Jean-Phillipe Caro

- 15 to 20 hours to complete the campaign
- Over 100 people worked on ZombiU

On working with the zombie genre...

“What’s interesting about the zombie genre, and the realistic part of it, is to say, ‘When you die, you don’t get up again. No: you’ve been infected. You’re a zombie.’ From a story point of view, that’s incredibly scary… But that, the one-bite kill, is what defined the narrative approach from then on.” - lead writer Gabrielle Shrager

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8 total comments (View all)
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:09

15-20 hours? That's longer than Dishonored.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:09

15 to 20 hours? I guess that'll do, assuming I can even get my character to make it.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:12

I still want a M rated Rabbids game Ubisoft.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:12

I still want a M rated Rabbids game Ubisoft.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:20

Can't wait to find that one single hidden Killer Freak in ZombiU~<3
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 17:57

I honestly would have been more interested in the game if they had stuck to the original premise.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 18:27

What me pisses on is, that 100 individual poeple worked on Zombi U,...

... BUT there are for sure NOT 100 different zombies types there. I hate copy and paste enemies. You can have cloned enemies, when you fight against robots, metroid prime creatures or animals, but human beings are not copy and paste.

1 GB of RAM instead of 256 MB of the PS360, should offer enough room for more enemy diversity.


P.S.: I'm buying Zombi U day one.
User avatar
14 Nov 2012 13:59

ZombiU is going to be awesome!

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