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Qubic Games talks upcoming Wii U, 3DS plans

A portion of a NintendoEnthusiast interview with Qubic Games...

Q: Lastly, we want to hear about your future. How many projects are you currently working on? Are you developing any games for 3DS and Wii U?

A: We are currently working on 2 main projects, discussing plans for a third project, and contemplating multiple smaller projects. They all mostly pertain to Nintendo systems.

Our new game AiRace: SPE3D will be released around the beginning of 2013 on the 3DS eShop. It is the continuation of our popular AiRace Series. The races take place in various indoor levels: caves, electronic tunnels, pits full of lasers, etc. The gameplay will be similar to AiRace: Tunnel but the game is much bigger and sophisticated. Also, gamers won’t just pilot their planes. The gameplay will include many more mechanics but you’ll have to stay tuned until we’re ready to share those new forms of gameplay. Please find some art design about AiRace: SPE3D on our Facebook page.

We are planning on creating a blog to hold a community dedicated to AiRace. Through this blog we will give out all important information about upcoming AiRace: SPE3D and answer fans’ questions.

The second project is to develop a game which will be multi-platform, possibly on PC, Mac, Xbox and/or Wii U. This game will be bigger and more polished than any others we’ve made until now. It will most likely be a difficult and adult-oriented game. Official details about this new game will be given around February 2013.

Besides, after finishing AiRace: SPE3D and depending on its success we might work on AiRace 2 for Nintendo 3DS, and make it not only a downloadable game, but also a retail game.

During next year we will also most probably create smaller projects for Nintendo 3DS that will contribute to the development of the C-Way project. So, stay tuned!

Full interview here

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12 Nov 2012 18:57

Oh wow, a sequel to AiRace on the 3DS eShop?

Color me intrigued.

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