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User avatar
15 Nov 2012 16:28

gotta love how the 'best performance' nominees are always just celebrities and have nothing to do with, y'know, ACTUAL voice actors.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 16:35

After the UFC left Spike, I forgot that channel still exists.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 16:35

How can they pick games that aren't even out yet as nominees? These awards are one big advertisement to sell games over the holidays and they just pick whatever seems popular without putting any thought into it. And what's popular to them is whatever looks the best, sold the most, and cost the most to make. It's like the Oscars except only big budget Michael bay action movies are nominated. "And the movie of the year is...Transformers 5! Opening this Christmas! EXPLOSIONS! Goodnight."
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 16:38

I totally think that Xenoblade should be at least a nominee for game of the year...
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 17:11

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Spike's VGAs because of how they are conducted and more importantly WHEN they are held. It is absolutely a marketing scheme. But I am very happy to see so much love in the nominees for Journey. I know this is a Nintendo site, but that game is beyond words. And to see an indie experience that pushes the boundaries of what a game is get nominated for Game of the Year makes me feel good inside. If nothing else, go vote for that game for the vast amount of nominations it got. It deserves to win. If you've never played it, get on a PS3 and play. You WILL love it.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 17:50

Well, at least Persona 4 Arena got nominated for something.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 20:19

What the hell is up with the handheld nominees? 3 of the 4 games are Vita games, and well they all seem to be good games, why is NSMB2 is the only 3DS representative? No RE: Revelations, or Kid Icarus, or Professor Layton even though all 3 have higher Metacritic review scores than NSMB2. Plus why are Nintendo systems downloadable games always forgotten about? What about Mutant Mudds?

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