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Wii U: Nintendo's day of reckoning

Here we are yet again. Another Nintendo console is about to launch into the world. No one could have expected the Wii to be the hit that it was, so who knows what'll happen with Wii U? Will it pick up right where the Wii left off? Will it bring in casuals and expanded audience gamers? What does the Wii U need to do in order to thrive?

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15 Nov 2012 19:04

A good online experience for games and voice chat without video (whether or not that was confirmed already, I apologize). Also, pro controller to work with nearly every game. Super Mario Bros U has no excuse not to work with the pro controller, kind of silly by Nintendo. Everything else looks solid ;)
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15 Nov 2012 21:09

The comments on the CVG site decended into a discussion on whether you could still get WiiU preorders, the state of GAME and Sony's profitability.

The answers are it appears to be, half it's stores closed, and games make money but some can't see the company as a whole is in trouble.

The point of this discussion is that some people and places are biased toward other consoles -- like the UK toward Sony.

(And supposedly the author of the piece isn't a Nintendo fan, but I have not had a chance to check.)

Mike from Morgantown

Mike from Morgantown
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16 Nov 2012 17:20

That was an interesting read. I honestly think the Wii U is well equipped to handle both casual and core gamers.

In all honesty, the biggest problems with Wii were the online and lack of good in system advertising for games. The Wii had quite a good number of well implemented control schemes, it had some extremely good exclusive 3rd party games and it even some of the multi plat games were actually better on the system.

The Wii U will have all of that, a vastly better online set up, (I'm speculating) even better then 3DS's eShop in system advertising (which the 3DS's eShop is doing phenomenally well and has improved sales for DSiWare games), a completely new and awesome control scheme, much stronger media features, and of course it will be drastically more powerful with HD visuals.

I don't doubt the Wii U will do well, the question is will it sell more or less then the Wii did?

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