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An interview with Triforce, the world's most patient gamer

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19 Nov 2012 14:37

no gamer is more patient than Chief Arino
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:38

This video is fantastic but I think the written article that accompanies it (click the link) is even better.
Keep your eyes on Polygon, folks - that site's got some good stuff going on!
(Except, maybe, for closing their Wii U hardware review with a score, which seemed kinda unnecessary.)
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:45

I will admit, it is so bizarre to have Triforce being presented in such a positive light considering the dude is a joke in the fighting game community. We need to get LI Joe to interview Triforce about all this. :)
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:47

All I got out of this was an RMC cameo.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 15:55

"Patient" is not the word that comes to mind.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 16:31

Did he even buy any games? Or is he "patiently" waiting to get a job to pay for those?

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