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Fire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo -Hikari to Kage no Eiyu- fan translation process detailed

A portion of a Nintendo-Kingdom interview with a member of the Heroes of Shadow fan translation team...

NK: So how long as the project been going on for?

HoS: If you look at the oldest, oldest post on the blog, it's dated July 13, 2010. I guess this makes that the official starting date. It was around this time that Blazer released the first patch, which translated menus, allowing people who don't understand moonspeak (i.e. most of us) to play the game without making the selection of "Attack" or "Wait" a coin flip. But then, Blazer (the official head of the project) didn't start looking at translating the entire thing until May, 2011. By then I surmise that he and the rest of the community had gathered that Nintendo wasn't planning on an English release, and so discussions began on what, exactly, we were going to do. We didn't undergo searches for a translator and such until July, 2011. So in one sense the project has been going for well over two years, and in another, just a year and a half. Of course, I didn't join until later in 2011 so everything I've just said is guesswork and hearsay. And archived blog posts.

The fan-translation patch is due out in roughly a week. See the full interview here (thanks YoshiRider123!)

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