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21 Nov 2012 01:56

ill take mario 2 aswell..but ya know,it still irks me we keep reading stories about how Nintendo isnt happy with the 3ds performance in america..but yet their vc overseas already has greatest hits..ninja gaiden,castlvania,blaster master..and what? 5 megamans...seriously wtf is wrong with nintendo these days
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21 Nov 2012 01:59

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21 Nov 2012 03:53

How does Japan get the American Super Mario 2 before we do? Well, at least this means it's possible we could get it sometime in the next year. Japanese VC has lots of great games that we don't have here though, they need to get on it. They haven't even got around to updating all the Ambassador games yet, though Zelda 2 does finally get updated this week, it's about damn time. And what ever happened to the 3D Classics games, I think they are really cool (excluding Urban Champion, that was a complete waste), but they seem to have quit doing them.

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