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Japan - Kyogre and Groudon hitting Pokemon Black/White 2

- both will be level 100
- to be distributed at Pokémon Centers and select stores
- distribution will run from November 21st – January 10th

Groudon (for Black 2):

- comes with Eruption, Arm Hammer, Earth Power, Solar Beam
- has the Drought ability
- Drought ability has the same effect as the move “Sunny Day,” except that, since it’s an ability, it never wears off
- Drought plus Eruption results in a stronger attack
- Drought also makes Solar Beam an instant attack

Kyogre (for White 2):

- comes with Water Spout, Thunder, Ice Beam, and Sheer Cold
- has the Drizzle ability
- Drizzle ability is the equivalent of the move “Rain Dance”
- Drizzle gives Thunder 100% accuracy
- Drizzle also makes Water Spout is a stronger attack
- Drizzle is an ability that never wears off


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User avatar
21 Nov 2012 16:40

Ugh let's just fastfoward to Gen 6 so we can:

A. Have Wii U spinoffs
B. Have Ruby/Sapphire remakes
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 17:43

ZOMG! I never knew the effects of Drizzle and Drought.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 18:33

I guess this is to celebrate Ruby and Sapphire's 10 year anniversary.. Damn, it's 10 already... I still want my Solar Ruby and Lunar Sapphire

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