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The Wii U is now out in North America! Over 2 years of talking about the system has finally lead to this day. We talk about what we've been playing, first-day updates, system intricacies and more!

Download the show here (thanks HylianHeroLOZ!)

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User avatar
25 Nov 2012 00:31

maize... UUUNNNNGGGGG!!!!
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 00:35

Pillgrum is so god damn creepy.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 03:06

Nice, im honored you used the image RMC. The holiday definitely called for it lol
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 03:56

I was suspicious when I was accepted as RMC's friend. I was almost afraid that it was an impostor! I'm glad it is though, I can't wait to play Smash 4 with him!
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 05:19

someone asked you to buy them a wii u? haha that is weird!
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 06:16

Still terrifying, no matter how many times I've seen it.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 09:05

@HylianHeroLOZ woah! We have similar usernames! And I thought I was so creative with this name too... Nice to meet ya!
Anyways, great podcast this week.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 11:48

When did that creepy pilgrim come from?
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:59


You seem to have forgotten our meeting in the past, because you said the same thing last time lol.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 20:09

This goes without saying, but Mom Brain, you're awesome!

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