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Wii U cardboard GamePad yanked from eBay, replaced by many others

The eBay listing for the Wii U GamePad made out of cardboard has been yanked. This is after the auction price was over $90,000. You would think the silliness would end there, but as you can see above, a bunch of other people are giving the cardboard GamePad a go on their own. Looks like we found eBay's hottest holiday item!


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User avatar
26 Nov 2012 15:35

Um, what's the point of having a cardboard Gamepad if cardboard Wii U's aren't available? COME ON GUYS.
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 16:23

6 of them are the exact same image from the original one. And of those, one tried cutting out the background to look more original but it's just a sloppy Shop job. They could at the very least have drawn their own.

One of them is "used." Lol.
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 16:36

Went from funny to stupid now. But that's this generation for ya. Overkill.
No Avatar
26 Nov 2012 18:10

eBay sucks. These are probably all bots bidding on their own listings.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 02:31

I really don't see the point of buying this dumb crap, as I can make one myself.

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