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Why Mega Man Matters

I don't want to be part of a game industry that doesn't support Mega Man. I love the series...always have an always will. The Blue Bomber has fallen on some of the worst times he's ever seen, but I'm hopeful Capcom is turning that around behind the scenes. Mega Man still matters in today's industry. He just has to find his voice.

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26 Nov 2012 18:39

Sorry RMC, but until we get a new, real (subjective, I won't hate if you like that iOS thing) Mega Man game, he's dead.

We'll see how true Capcom's words are.
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26 Nov 2012 19:18

Similarly to having lock-on targeting well before Ocarina of Time, Mega Man Legends also trumped Metal Gear Solid's in-engine, voiced cutscenes by miles. Featuring them almost a full year earlier than Metal Gear and they looked far nicer with the characters actually animating and having completely unique facial textures to compensate for each camera angle. The game gets no credit for this, of course. Low-res frozen "faces" on a head that barely bobs up and down, though, that takes the world by storm. Mega Man Legends had superb voice acting as well, especially compared to Mega Man 8 and X4, two other Capcom examples on the same platform.

Sonic Adventure is a broken piece of trash, but it's loved to this day and is somehow seen as the skeletal framework for a good 3D Sonic game, but Mega Man Legends goes largely forgotten. Mega Man Legends has consistently been s**t on for it's entire lifespan and I don't understand any of it. So many other franchises made the jump to 3D so much worse but Mega Man is the one franchise that people seem to point too when bad 3D conversions pop up in conversation, mostly from people who never played them. ScrewAttack made a list of worst 2D-to-3D leaps and Mega Man Legends was there. Not Mega Man X7. Legends. It blows my mind how horribly this game gets treated.

That's also a bad main image to put on an article detailing why people should care about Mega Man. The Battle Network and Star Force games were twice as repetitive and stale as the side scroller games were, and their numbers and frequency of release caused the decline of the franchise, if you ask me. The Undernet was often post or near end-game content. I wouldn't it call it exploration when you're practically done with the game already. All those games offered in the 'exploration' category was the small chance of a floating green crystal in what's otherwise a dead end that you couldn't see thanks only to limited screen resolution. That's fun and fine for a game or two, but nine? With multiple versions? No thanks.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 05:13

Oh because there is a need to justify that now?

Man I'm getting old.

Megaman Legends was a true masterpiece. It was just ahead of its time. There are not a lot of games that I truly enjoyed on my PS1. But MML definitely is one of those. 2 is definitely one of the very best games of the console. It goes up there in the top 3 for me.

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