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Trine 2 - review

A portion of a Nintendo Life review...

It’s not likely that this release will win new fans to the genre, but anyone who already enjoys physics-based puzzle platformers will definitely want to check this one out. Or maybe everyone should just buy this game simply to look at the environments. Have we mentioned how good it all looks?

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User avatar
26 Nov 2012 19:21

I downloaded Trine 2 (nope never played the first) Its so much fun and every character is definitely unique. All the puzzles are well thought out. And yes it does look awesome! Many of the level backgrounds look like oil paintings!
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 19:45

Downloaded it today found it to be very enjoyable and makes great use of the touch screen
No Avatar
26 Nov 2012 23:14

I love the game. Definitely one of the most beautiful looking games i've seen and the gameplay is fantastic. Well worth $20.

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