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27 Nov 2012 01:53

Speaking of consoles not working. Just tried to play Nintendo Land and it froze on me... twice in a row. Quite annoying. Not used to Nintendo having lackluster quality in their products.
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27 Nov 2012 01:53

I think a big part of the problem is disk drives and disks, which he didn't really bring up. Disk drives are going to wear out and quit working over time. The disks themselves are easily scratched or damaged, and the information stored on them deteriorates at a much faster rate. Of course at the size most games are today, cartridges cost so much more money to manufacture that disks are the way to go, but as with anything that's cheaper, they just aren't going to last as long.
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27 Nov 2012 02:15

hmm... I'm not sure about consoles being shovel, I mean, I have my wii since launch and it still works perfectly, same with my gamecube, haven't bought the wii u because it arrives the 12 of december here in Chile. But man, I just use my consoles to play games, that's why I buy them, because going the pc way is just too expensive and because nintendo always focuses on making games that can be played and enjoyed by everyone.
I'm more concerned about developers with their f*****g next gen engines and next gen gaming... where single player is almost no existent or it's so much complicated that I can barely play it... I mean, now racing games have open worlds and s**t... I have to stop on a corner to play a race and most of games have so much stuff going on that everything has glitches and bugs... That's the only thing that concerns me... but actually I have no problems with that when nintendo is doing the games... but I know that nintendo is not going to make a shooter or an action adventure game or an arcade racing with a more realistic theme (not a simulator)... That's up to 3rd party developers...
Though I have no problems with huge games with tons of stuff going on... but I think it's just too much, every game has to be big in order to sell... back in the 90's it wasn't like that, third parties made good games with simple controls and interfaces... glitches and bugs only appeared once for a while when you tried to go off the limits of the scenario and stuff like that.

the only non-nintendo console i had was a ps1... I had fun with it, it wasn't that charming for me, neither for my family... but I remember playing my first 60+ hours game (ffix) there as well as playing some medal of honor with my dad, but the loading times were awful... and sometimes the games freezed because of the scratches of the discs... anyway.
I hope the wii u does well, it's painful to see glitches and bricks and stuff but, I think it's normal since nowadays consoles have OS, have online features, etc. At least they always try to do the best they can, delivering updates and fixing your console for free if it was their fault.
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27 Nov 2012 03:13

Why they don't work anymore?

- They use discs
- Connectivity is now mandatory
- They're not dedicated to gaming anymore

Here you go.
I played Rad Racer on my NES yesterday and it worked just fine and get that, it was in 3D. I started my nth playthrough of Secret of Mana a couple of weeks ago, and it worked just fine. Played some Perfect Dark with friends a month ago and started Goemon 64 2 with my girlfriend. Played great. My Gamecube is a beautiful little piece of hardware and I started Skyward Sword's Master Quest a couple of weeks ago and my Wii is perfectly fine. It has always been.

Now I'm still going to buy the U because I trust Nintendo with that sort of stuff and even if they launch a system with a couple of issues, like they did with the 3DS, I know they will fix it when they can via firmware updates, here again just like they did with the 3DS. I never had a problem with Nintendo hardware this far. They have always been the best hardware of their respective generation. This kind of blind trust has to be earned and if I still trust them on that front, it's because they deserve it.

That being said, let's hope the U does not prove me wrong.
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27 Nov 2012 05:29

Well this is going to be the last generation using optical drives anyway. Good riddance.
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27 Nov 2012 06:13

Totally hear you man.

I miss the time when I could just turn on my console and everything worked perfectly out the box. No day one updates. No setting up convoluted account systems. No missing features that may or may not come a few months down the line. No clumsy dashboards to navigate. I didn't even have to buy countless extra controllers, external hard drives, SD cards or peripherals to get the most out of the system either.

Consoles like the NES, SNES and N64...were just simple, clean, brilliant.

I really do miss those days.
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 06:36

Simplicity vs Complex...ity

So simple that it just works 99.9% of the time, but no updates, no OS, expensive games etc etc
Some problems do exist, especially at the start of the ride, but you get more possibilities, almost unlimited in comparison.

Obviously if it works, or if it can be fixed to work for the rest of its 99.9% of its life, then you'd go with what lets you do more, than going with say something that works 99.99% of the for life, from the first 0.1% of its life, but with no great possibilities to do much more to it (but then again, stuff like the super fx chip was amazing compared to how stuff works today lol)
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 08:16

I think Nintendo itself misses those days too.
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27 Nov 2012 09:56

It seems that the nintendo took this concept to create the wii mini haha
have a look http://nintendoeverything.com/wp-conten ... mini-3.jpg (after I saw it this topic came to my mind so I decided to share this)
It doesn't even have online at all (NintendoEverything said it was confirmed). It's just meant to play games and actually it has quite a retro look and you put the discs a la old school (ps1)
Though I don't really get why it's a "Canadian Exclusive" maybe they'll announce it for other countries soon.

here's the link (nintedoeverything) http://nintendoeverything.com/106954/wi ... exclusive/
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27 Nov 2012 10:11

More whining from horrible new generation of people/gamers that is prevalent today. nobody has nuance anymore. Everything is either pure freakout, or pure amazing. nothing in between.

either way, my Wii U is humming along just fine.

you gamers asked for your consoles to be capable of EVERYTHING, so you have to deal with every possible issue with EVERYTHING being connected online. Sorry.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 10:22

@stoopeed That will just be replaced by Hard Drive issues. Nothing is perfect.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 10:25

BossBattles wrote:
you gamers asked for your consoles to be capable of EVERYTHING, so you have to deal with every possible issue with EVERYTHING being connected online. Sorry.

No. That's precisely what some of us say: we never asked.

But I get it they have to try and grab the attention of nowadays gamers. But don't say I asked for this because that's not the case.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 11:29


According to Miiverse, it's a problem with the Miiverse functionality. In this case, changing your settings to show "English only" Miiverse posts in Nintendo Land should fix the freezing problem. When other regions get the Wii U, that's when the problem will fully fix itself.
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 12:17

I understand where he's coming from. When I first got a PS2 (used fat one) I worked for about a month then started crapping out on me, so I had to get a new slim one. Also about a year ago the wii I got at a special second launch event at best buy decided it didn't want to play disks anymore. It would just pulling the disk in then spitting it out again till I yanked it out. I'm using my sister's wii that she doesn't use anymore now but it sucked when it happened because it meant I pretty much loss the data on my Smash Brothers Brawl game and the MH tri game I just started.

Though I'm ok with consoles doing stuff other than gaming. I didn't ask for it and just buy my consoles to just play games and everything else is just gravy to me. So as long as it doesn't interfere with me playing my games I'm ok with it.
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27 Nov 2012 12:59

Well, at least Nintendo lets you play the games while its downloading the new updates, even if installing them can take a while...
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27 Nov 2012 14:19

Yeah, but what the guy that did gamer overthink is getting at is the games need to come before the extra features like Internet and Miiverse and stuff that to be fixed. He was basicly asking for a return to the NES through N64 days where disc drives are not the main way to play your games. Even I get that point.

But I like the way we play today. However I feel that we can do it even better by having the extra features not as mainly focused on as the single player should be. Sure have multiplayer games too, but don't ignore the single part of the gaming world either. just have some new but yet good ip games waiting too. Wii Sports was good and from what I have heard here and else where Nintendo Land is a good game, but with the freezing issue that some have reported it is kinda hard to judge from them. I'll have to wait to judge for myself tho seeing as how I have to save up for the Wii U Deluxe.
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27 Nov 2012 14:24

He makes a lot of good points, but these things are just a function of time. The gaimng world is changing rapidly and we have to keep up.There'll be a lot of stumbling along the way though.
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27 Nov 2012 15:39


It's actually just Nintendo Land, a lot of people are having problems with the game but every other game works perfectly, Nintendo just has to give out a patch and they will fix it.
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:35

It's not just Nintendo Land. I had Darksiders II lock up on me coupled with the exceedingly annoyingly loud audio tone. I needed to unplug my Wii-U from power.

Nintendo Land on the other hand has performed flawlessly even WITH other languages enabled in Miiverse.

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