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EA talks up Wii U support at UK launch

“It’s always an exiting time for the industry and consumers when new hardware is introduced. FIFA 13 is our best football game ever on a Nintendo console. The GamePad radically changes the way you can play FIFA and opens it up to gamers of all skill levels. We have high expectations for FIFA 13’s performance on Wii U as a triple-A launch title on all new HD platforms.” - product marketing boss for EA Sports and Maxis Dan Holman
“The Wii U represents a new opportunity for the industry this Christmas and it’s great that Mass Effect 3 Special Edition will be part of the launch. This is the first time that the Mass Effect universe will be on a Nintendo console and we’re very excited at the prospect of a new audience. We expect it to be at the forefront of the Nintendo Wii U offerings at launch.” - EA Games and BioWare business lead Colin Blackwood

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No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 17:31

"We have high expectations for FIFA 13’s performance on Wii U as a triple-A launch title on all new HD platforms." What?
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 17:38

They are missing two important facts.
Fifa 13 has some serious lag issues that they need to fix before anyone would recommend this game.
Secondly, they are selling a year old game for the same price they are selling the trilogy on other system. I want this game but either they make the trilogy or cut the prize of the game. Its a ripoff!
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 17:44

There's not one single game I like from EA, not on Wii U or any other platform! So...what Totaldemon said, I second that! :D
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 18:09


EA's games cover all tastes in gaming. By no liking even a single one of their games, you are either a fool or a fraud!

Choose wisely!
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 18:10

Yea.....where's mass effect trilogy bro? Where you at ea?
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 18:11

What @Totaldemon said!!

They're so sleazy.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:23

"We're so glad to offer you 1/3 of a franchise for the same price as the full trilogy on the other platforms. We so proud to bring a version of FIFA 13 that's missing some of the most modern features that are available on the other two consoles."

No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:43

I think EA are hard at work developing WiiU versions of 2013 onward games, instead of making lots of ports of old games.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 20:09

Go fuck yourselves EA you filthy lying, lazy, rip-off thieves!
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 20:56

EA policy = make lots and lots of money with the minimum effort possible and shovel games
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 21:06

Still would love to see The Impossible: ME3 on the Wii U outsell the trilogy PS360 release. It'd just be so damn funny to me :P [if, of course, it was at all probable - which it isn't]

... So I'll settle for all non-Football games from EA to bomb here fellow UK gamers [please].

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