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Random Time! - Skrillex + Legend of Zelda = Skrillex Quest

There's really no good way to explain this one. It's Zelda and Skrillex together...sort of. It's all smashed together into a playable browser game. Hit up the link below to check it out.

Game here


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29 Nov 2012 00:02

I click "play" and it just takes me to a dark screen with some droning music that just stops after a while.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 00:11

The end boss battle is wicked!
No Avatar
29 Nov 2012 00:26

Is this brilliant or annoying. I can't tell if this is brilliant or annoying.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 00:27

I STRONGLY urge you to play this.
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29 Nov 2012 01:11

Just finished playing the whole thing. It's actually pretty amazing for an advergame. :)

I also don't care what anyone says, I actually really like Skrillex. "butt iznt hiz muzk nutin butt wubwubwubwubkrrrrgggjhkjoklhnl?!?!" Not really, there's more to it besides bass wobble and glitch noise, and to someone like me it's really not very cacophonous. (if you want music that really is nothing but cacophony on purpose, listen to Merzbow... old friend of mine tried to get me into that guy, but I couldn't really stand his music, there's not really much substance beyond... cacophony)

I like how the reversed lyrics in Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was the "you got an item" noise, and the game itself presents a scenario that I think only places like Reboot have ever done before.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 11:08

I like Skrillex music, but I might like this game a little more. This was a cool and quick little adventure. I "finished" the game, but only completed 18% my first time. I am going to try this again. I would love to see something like this on Wii U.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 12:29

This is the kind of thing that causes sane people with decent musical taste to kill themselves.

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