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EnjoyUp Games announces Snowboard Xtreme on DSiWare

Check out more screens in our Flickr set

29th November 2012, Barcelona, Spain. EnjoyUp Games announces Snowboard Xtreme on DSiWare™ and eShop service.

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnjoyUp/102050359833234
Twitter: http://twitter.com/enjoyupgames

Snowboard Xtreme

Plough through the snow in extremely dangerous settings!

Snowboard Xtreme offers a race against the clock through a stage filled with dangers
in which you will need a lot of skill, because time is not on your side.
To do so, try to take full advantage of the terrain. You also earn extra time
by passing through the flags correctly.

Beat your friends and family on the Local Ranking and reach Number 1.

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