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Direct link here (thanks Willy!)

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30 Nov 2012 06:23

Haha I also have an Antec 900 midtower.
MP3, MP4, and M4A files are a given compatibility because our mobile devices record in that standard format (unless you're using an iOS device, of course). Early in Wii's timeline, the Photo Channel was able to play standard mobile phone videos (.3GP at that time while .MP4 was becoming the standard), and MP3 files.
Now I'm more curious whether it plays QuickTime files recorded from iPhone or iPad.
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30 Nov 2012 08:27

This is quiet cool. Hopefully they'll be an update to allow this functionality be accessed by a dedicated app or a la PS3/360 directly from the OS.
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30 Nov 2012 10:44

That actually is a pretty cool feature.

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