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Did You Know Gaming - Dr. Wily's ample bosom


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User avatar
30 Nov 2012 19:40

Yay, now I need some eye bleach.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 19:43

Wow. I will never unsee that.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 20:05

Now we know where he got the design for zero's cups
No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 20:43

Looks to me like he's just supposed to be leaning forward over the earth, the angle is just poorly drawn by the artist. If they were really supposed to be hidden breasts as a joke then they were poorly drawn as well.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 20:53


I kinda thought at first that perhaps they were meant to be his arms folded, and that the arms of his coat were floating in the breeze (without the hands sticking out of them of course).
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 21:57

Wily needs to lay off his estrogen addiction.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 14:09

I'm gonna be honest, I like DYKG, but this is nothing but exaggerative speculation. And to be blunt, it's the kind of exaggerative speculation performed by your average obnoxious 10 year old.

If you're going to post gaming trivia, make sure it's actually trivia, and not just 'HEHE THIS LOOKS LIKE BOOBIES', or it makes you hard to take seriously.

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