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From Japan: How the East Wasn't Won

Western games make their way to Japan all the time. Some of them end up being modest hits. With that said, major games in the states just don't generate the same kind of attention in Japan. Why is that and how can it be changed?

Article here

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03 Dec 2012 16:19

I think Japanese gamers are very different and almost niche in their feelings towards what makes a game good.
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03 Dec 2012 16:37

So basically there's no hope in Japan ever really caring about Western games. That's what I got form the article.
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04 Dec 2012 00:57

This really saddens me but the truth is most Western games that go that way really do have a very western feel. The biggest problem is making games that feel distinctly Western or Eastern. This needs to be broken and games need to start feeling unique again.

http://kotaku.com/5420421/square-enix-p ... riminatory
That's a good read also.
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04 Dec 2012 07:41

they just don't like the one genre western markets can't get enough of . And actually with 100k 200k success in those genres , they are more open that the western markets . Even not going by percentage and only with pure numbers : vanquish , bayonetta, rhythm heaven , eba , sinandpunishment 2, el shaddai all sold less in western markets than cod or gta did in japan . And really keeping in mind that the one million threshold was only crossed once for the ps3 , well 10% of that is quite a lot . Japanese games should reach 300k 400k comparatively to total sales in order to be the equivalent of the western games in japan.

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