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One day you sense Shin’en will make a game that plays as good as it looks. Until then, this is a polished and attractive shooter that you’ll likely have a reasonably entertaining few hours with before forgetting it ever existed within a month. An ideal launch game, then.

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03 Dec 2012 16:37

Game is Phenom. the end... that's my review... buy it now
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 16:39

Shin’en _did_ make a game that plays as good as it looks: Jett Rocket
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 17:36

did he "really" played the game? He can't say the gameplay sucks just because it's too difficult for him.
I have played FAST, and both art of balance (for the wii and 3ds) and they are as good as they look. This game is no exception. The difficulty of their games might be a little tricky, but they do it in a really brilliant way, you can only blame your self for not being up to the challenge, and that keeps you going back for more.
Anyway, it seems that this guy is just looking for something to bash as he really dislikes shin'en for what I have read. I mean, what's wrong with the music? If you don't like electronic music, that's your problem, but I really enjoy it and it really boosts up the gameplay. Do I need to remember every beat of the song to say if it's good or not? he even said "Shin’en believes the human body has its own internal light sources" Now there are problems with the artstyle? There's nothing that says that this was supposed to be the human body... and the artstyle matches the gameplay totally, since it's like if you move around cells a la mario galaxy, and since cells can be from different sizes, it really gives the developers more options for designing playable and good looking "cells" (levels are not huge, and are easy to travel). And lighting effects are totally needed, otherwise the environment would be too dark and unplayable.
Anyway, reviews may always vary... It just makes me sad that most of reviewers gave this game an 8 or a 9... and this guy gives it a 6 just because he doesn't like what shin'en does. It's not that reviews should always be good, but this one really seems unfounded and "hater" oriented (immature).
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 18:17

terrible review, he starts off by stating that nintendo skipped a gen without a 2nd analogue (untrue) then tries to claim the game is "forgettable" with bad music and an uneven difficulty (very untrue). he clearly had an agenda with this so if anyone is on the fence about this game please take with a grain of salt. this guy apparently hates shmups, hard games and electronic music.

as someone who DOES like pretty shooters, with cool music and a decent challenge, this is worth every penny and a joy to pick up and play over and over. highly recommended
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 18:38

Awful review indeed! To think he suggested the lens-flare was a distraction to show off the graphics and not a part of the game. It's a huge part of the game. He didn't talk about the use of the gamepad really enhances the game, especially at later levels when you're trying to figure out which direction to take to tackle the enemies. To think he didn't mention the level of strategy this game has... it's a must buy for $9. I love me my mario... but damn, I'm not going to continue any other U games until I finish this one, it's so good!

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