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Sony boss picks up a Wii U

Wondering what Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuehei Yoshida is up to? Here's what he said on Twitter...

“Got a Wii U. My Nintendo ID is ‘ShuYoshida’, pls send me a friend request so I see you on the Activity Feed.”

His friend requests are already full, so you'll have to register/tweet him to let him know you'd like to add him!


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User avatar
04 Dec 2012 05:43

I doubt he will be able to accept friends, because the console must have been disassembled already :lol:
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 06:05

Time to start reverse engineering that controller.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 06:43

Sonydrones have started asking him retarded questions on his twitter. My faith for the gaming industry was restored for only a brief moment.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 10:17

Well that's glad to hear Sony president likes the Wii U. Hell even Jack Tretton complimented it/Nintendo a few weeks ago. This makes me prod of the game industry for the moment...
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 10:26

What?! Could We be getting to an age where more than one console can co-exit in the same generation without any hate from either side?! Nah...
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 10:40

I can promise you many bigwigs (at the least those that actually enjoy and have a passion for gaming) most likely own every current gaming device.

Also aside from like 2 lame jokes, the community has done well on this once. Good job on not being generic responses.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 14:58

This would be more amusing had it been Tretton or Kaz.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:37

Great, so anyone who follows him will get spam to switch to some of their own crappy products.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 17:55

I made his friends list!! Shuhei is an awesome guy!
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 18:13

Funny, because almost every Sony fanboy you come across swears that Nintendo consoles are a "childs" toy and nobody would buy them.

This is why this is surprising - something that makes tears come across certain individuals.

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