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Ruffian's now-cancelled Streets of Rage re-imagining

Streets of Rage was lined up for a current-gen re-imagining, headed up by the guys at Ruffian Games. For a number of reasons, the project ended up canned. You can still see the early pitch for the idea, which is ' pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-Alpha', according to Ruffian.

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User avatar
05 Dec 2012 14:23

N-nnnnoooooooooooo!! I had been whining about this since I repurchased streets of rage2 on vc early this year. Too bad it got canned
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 14:48

eh... Sleeping Dogs more or less did this kind of combat better... and was an infinitely more interesting game.
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 15:06

So that's ANOTHER potential new Streets of Rage game cancelled?

Man, new entries for this series get cancelled more times than fox sitcoms.
No Avatar
05 Dec 2012 15:13

better than final fight streetwise but still not as punchy as the original , i guess maybe it's because they think of these games as a solo game and not enough of the two player action . Or maybe the 3d transfer is just not possible
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 15:23

I like how the fight animations look to be, presumably, just the animations from Crackdown 2 (looks almost the same).

And since I like Streets of Rage and Crackdown 2, this would've been great for me. Oh well.
No Avatar
05 Dec 2012 21:45

Not sure why anyone would want to get this clunky looking thing (even though it's preprepreprepreetc alpha) when there's NGIII: RE and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. NGIII in particular has modern, city based landscapes as well as more natural settings AND a far more robust beat-'em-up/hack-n-slash system than what this game was going to be. So knowing what NGIII can offer, why settle for this? (Though it doesn't even matter anymore at this point...)
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 12:56

That's like saying "why wait for the next Zelda when there's Darksiders II?" Every franchise has its own fans, after all (and no offense, but even though I plan on buying it, NG3 isn't really the best example to make your point).

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