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X-Play's Best of 2012 - winners

Best Multiplayer Game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Best Sports Game

NBA 2K13

Best Voice Acting Performance (see the winner video here)

Jennifer Hale - Female Shepard, Mass Effect 3


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06 Dec 2012 17:35

They had a Best Mobile Game category, but not one for handhelds? I'm assuming anyway that this category doesn't include handhelds, because there's no way a game like The Pinball Arcade could have gotten best mobile game if 3DS games were included.
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06 Dec 2012 17:48

so glad G4 is no more after this year. good bye crap.
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07 Dec 2012 00:39

Xplay and G4 in general berate 3DS and occasionally commends Vita and PSP. They're now a mainstream media going bust. Glad. They lost credibility a long time ago. I'll miss the old G4 and the tragic change that happened to Morgan Webb.

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