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Rayman Legends demo hitting North America (and Europe) next week, Feb. 26th release confirmed

Remember that Rayman Legends demo that was supposed to be on the Wii U eShop at launch? Turns out Ubisoft actually meant next week when they said launch! Yes, the Rayman Legends eShop demo is due out on Dec. 13th. While they were at it, Ubisoft also confirmed the Feb. 26th release date that we talked about last week. That makes it Feb. 26th in North America, Feb. 28th in Europe.


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User avatar
07 Dec 2012 15:00

Slamacow! That's goods news. cant wait
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 15:05

Hopefully I can download this just fine on my basic Wii U.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 16:48

An early Christmas present [and a solid date for both western territories] - thanks Ubisoft! :D
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 18:10

Feb is going to be big.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 18:18

February is gonna be so nice.
No Avatar
07 Dec 2012 23:51

YES, can't wait for this game!!!

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