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Nintendo UK wants to keep the Wii U momentum going

“We’ve got a very strong line-up, lots of titles and activities aimed at Christmas, but we’ve already got plans for Q1. Lots of new titles like Monster Hunter, but also repromotions and things like that. We definitely want to maintain momentum in Q1 – that’s our focus right now.

Nintendo always makes sure it launches games throughout the year. We don’t really focus particularly on Christmas. We’ve got a strong line-up all the way through the year. We always have the marketing to support that. We have plans to take sampling all the way through the year. For us, it’s not just about launch, it’s about building momentum and maintaining that over a long period of time.” - head of consumer marketing James Honeywell

Wii U is certainly strong out of the gate, but we've heard this song and dance from Nintendo before. The Wii drought was insanely long...and I'd hate to see the same thing hit Wii U.


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07 Dec 2012 17:41

That's a pathetic interview. He mentions 1 game, new title, Monster Hunter? Wow. A lazy ass port of a Wii port. Way to hype the Wii U! Take a bow.

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