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Tomorrow Corp compares Little Inferno development to an 'unmanageable beard', wants community mods

“Little Inferno as you see it now is really close to our original design. What you won’t see is the mountain of cut features and ideas that just didn’t work out. As development progressed Little Inferno’s features grew and grew like an unmanageable beard. Once it got too big we started to groom, style, and cut anything that didn’t fit until we had a solid nugget of gameplay.” - Tomorrow Corp's Kyle Gabler

Sounds like the dev team could have used some input from me! You never try to tame or manage a beard. You let it flow free and do what it wants, then it'll take you to where you want to be!

Tomorrow Corp also discussed a future update they'd like to implement in Little Inferno, which lends itself to the community side of things.

"We're considering how we can make Little Inferno more ‘moddable’ by the community, so players can create their own additions and storylines. Beyond that, we're not sure what's next, but we hear there’s a clear horizon out there, and we're excited to explore.”


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