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Mass Effect 3: Special Edition - Impressions feature

This is a portion of a thesixthaxis impressions article for Mass Effect 3: Special Edition...

In summary then, this is another great way to play Mass Effect 3 that offers some unique additions to the gameplay thanks to the Wii U and delivers a smoother presentation than the PS3 version. The downsides are that for the same price you can now pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC and the question of whether any of the more recent DLC, such as Leviathan, Omega and the Retaliation Pack will make it onto the Wii U.

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User avatar
10 Dec 2012 22:28

currently $15 on amazon for the xbox version. really REALLY hard sell at $60 just for gamepad support and currently no DLC support at this time :(
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 00:22

It's on sale at GameStop, picked up batman for $50.

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