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Zombie Daan says Goodbye

I think that I have been playing too much ZombiU as of late, but either way, thank you so much for sticking for me tonight. The evening was a bit slower than expected, but your reactions make it worthwhile as always. I will be back on my regular Wednesday schedule next week, but for now I am off to take my rest.

Daan, over and out!

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10 Dec 2012 23:32

You did good tonight. Now go out in the night and get the brains you need to keep you going.
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11 Dec 2012 04:16

how do you get the zombie photos out of the wii u?
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11 Dec 2012 06:14

eyezofnight wrote:how do you get the zombie photos out of the wii u?

that's what I wanted to know as well XD
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11 Dec 2012 10:09

eyezofnight wrote:how do you get the zombie photos out of the wii u?

Agreed. Do something to prove tou are better than Gimpee, tell us how you got that pic off WiiU.

Oh and ZombiU sucks. The game glitched out on the last mission and thanks to its lame autosave feature I cant finish. I can no longer access the sewer system shortcuts or leave finish the game with my new survivor.
I WAS ON THE LAST MISSION. Gueas thats what I get for supporting Ubisoft, I avoided them the last 2 gens so I guess this gen will be the same
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11 Dec 2012 11:27

Through my video recording software.
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11 Dec 2012 12:31

@BlueRangerVegeta that happened to me. You are fine. Just go through the exit to the right of the machine gun. You don't have to fight the horde

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