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EnjoyUp Games bringing Unepic to Wii U

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11th December 2012, Barcelona, Spain. EnjoyUp Games and Francisco Téllez de Meneses announces UNEPIC on Nintendo WiiU™.


EnjoyUp Games: http://www.enjoyup.com
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnjoyUp/102050359833234
Twitter: http://twitter.com/enjoyupgames


Unepic is a mixture of platform game, role game and joke that takes place in a huge
castle of medieval fantasy. It is set in the eighty's style, but completed with the most
actual features.

The hero is called Daniel, a normal guy from today: great videogame player, big lover
of sci-fi movies, novice player of role games, pot-head and overall, a bit horny due to a misterious lack of success with girls. In the middle of a role game he is teleported to a castle and he thinks that he is having a massive hallucination due to any drug that their friends may poor in his beer while playing. So he decides to run his own adventure until the effect of the drug lasts.

In the castle, he will be possessed by a shadow, however this shadow cannot control
him (being able only talk). The only way of the shadow to escape from the Hero’s body
is by the death of the Hero, so the shadow will lie all the time giving false clues always looking for the Daniel’s death.

In the castle he will visit an oracle and find out what’s the goal of the story: to kill
Harnakon, the master of the castle, and free Pure-Spirits. This story sounds typical for
a role game, but during the adventure Daniel will discover that everything is not what it seems.


- RPG 2D platform game.
- 200 rooms to explore.
- 7 bosses to kill.
- 70 spells to learn.
- 100 different weapons.
- Impressive lighting engine.
- Funny story and funny dialogs (more than 2000 lines)
- References to other games, films, comic…
- Full RPG character sheet.
- Quests.
- Character sheet with upgrading skills.
- Potions (craft your own potions) + scrolls + rings + magic weapons + magic artifacts
- Pets.

- Achievements.
- Statistics (best strikes can be uploaded to worldwide raking table).
- 3 different ends.
- 4 levels of difficulty.
- Hidden treasures.
- Castle map where you can write down your own notes.
- Statistics.

Francisco Téllez de Meneses, the creator of Unepic.

He spent the last two years spending his free time to create this videogame,
programming, creating the graphics of all scenarios, characters and items, editing all
rooms, composing background music and writing more than 1000 lines of dialogs and
quests. all rooms, composing background music and writing more than 1000 lines of
dialogs and quests.

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6 total comments (View all)
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 13:07

EnjoyUp, you cards.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 13:09

Looks cool, I'll pick it up when it hits the eshop.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 13:44

I'm not going to lie, this game looks amazing. I want it! And it's not just because My name is also Daniel and I like sci-fi movies and play a little role playing games and may or may not be a pot head.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 17:07

Hot diggity damn the lighting effect in that game are gorgeous and really reminiscent of Terraria. When ever I get the Wii U I will be getting this.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 17:17

Looks good I'll check it out when it gets released.
It definitely seems like of all the third party developers, it's the indie developer that the most supportive of the WiiU.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 18:17

Looks like an approachable La Mulana.

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