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Monster Hunter 4 - Charge Axe details

- when split into sword form, it’s capable of nearly continuous swift attacks
- it is also capable of blocking with a shield
- charge up power, which will make the hilt glow yellow when ready
- axe mode has a long reach, higher power, and is capable of releasing elemental attacks
- primeval forest area revealed


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User avatar
11 Dec 2012 17:35

Sounds like a Great Sword and Switch Axe put together nice
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 18:04

So this is the weird trident-looking thing Famitsu teased a while ago? Looks interesting, I want to see it in action.

If it's anything like the Switch Axe I will probably love it. SA along with the Lance were my favorite weapon types in Tri.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 18:32

@Loco Lokee
Sounds like it to me. Im going to have to see some gameplay first.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 21:36

- it is also capable of blocking with a shield

This is all I needed to hear.

Seriously though, it's making me want the game even more.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 17:29

wow, it sounds like something you should only be allowed to craft from endgame hunts.... heh wow thats so badass

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