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Japan - Upcoming Genesect merchandise

Clearfile: 210 Yen
Notebook: 170 Yen
3D notebook: 500 Yen
3D Underlay: 400 Yen
Eraser: 160 Yen
Ruler: 250 Yen
Pencils (set of 5): 350 Yen
Pencil tops(?): 320 Yen
Ball point pen: 600 Yen
Metallic Seal: 300 Yen
Pencil Case: 1000 Yen
Handkerchief: 350 Yen
Pouch: 580 Yen
T-Shirt: 2400 Yen
Metal Charm: 150 Yen
Keychain: 650 Yen
Card Case: 880 Yen
Strap: 500 Yen
Plushie: 1800 Yen
Game Dot Charm: 350 Yen


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