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BIT.TRIP presents... Runner2 - A bunch of gameplay

Didn't expect me this soon in this week? Well, nothing is without reason and I am here to bring you five gameplay videos for BIT.TRIP presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien! The friendly folk over at Gaijin Games allowed me to shoot these videos, so that you can enjoy them and look at their beauty. There are four regular levels from the game to enjoy, as well as the boss from the third world.

Do you think the sweetness stops right there? Well, think again! The videos below are direct feed and this includes the sweet melodies of the soundtrack. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a brand new adventure with CommanderVideo soon, as BIT.TRIP presents... Runner2 will release next year.

Thanks to Gaijin Games for their trust and I thank you lot in advance for watching.

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User avatar
17 Dec 2012 21:23

I still don't like the way it looks, but it still seems fun
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 21:24

And thus begins Nintendaan's devious plan to take over GoNintendo... ;D
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 21:37

It is game that you have to play to understand. After exploring it myself, I think it looks brilliant, but to each its own of course.

Don't worry Battlestriker! I wouldn't dare to hurt the beardman one bit.
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 22:07

@LegendofSantiago Yeah, I'm with you on this. The polygonal graphics seem... off. Even though the original Runner had polygons too, they were mostly voxel-like shapes which seemed more appropriate to the tone of the game.

But I'll be getting it anyway of course, it'll be a great game, weird graphics or not.
No Avatar
17 Dec 2012 22:33

Never played any of the bit.trip games but this looks awesome.
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 23:00

Amazing. Thanks nintendaan. Haven't played runner before but looking very forward to this
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 00:24

I'm already buying this so I....can't watch this.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 00:49

Nintendo-published games aside, Bit.Trip is the best series on the Wii, I can't wait to try this out in all its HD glory. :D
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 14:59

This looks like a great continuation of the original Runner. Hope this one comes out sooner rather than later.

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