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Code of Princess coming to Nintendo eShop on January 3

Thanks to reader VGAMER, we got the confirmation that Code of Princess is going to become a Nintendo eShop download on January 3, 2013. If you haven't picked up the game yet, this might be the perfect chance!

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User avatar
19 Dec 2012 23:41

That's great. It definitely works in those small bite-sized bits that it's perfect for a downloadable portable game. I'm glad I got the retail release though.
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 23:56

I think this game might be one of my biggest disappointments of 2012 (although it's partially my fault for not completely understanding the way the game worked) but if it's cheaper than the retail version of $40 I'd be more keen on it.

I agree with Shaanyboi though, the game's quest system is definitely well suited for small bite sized bursts of game time.

It'd be cool if with this release if they also updated the online multiplayer. It functions just fine and I've never had any technical issues with it, but it's over all kind of poorly designed if you want to play with friends. They over complicate it by forcing you to set up a room for each quest that you want to complete with friends, providing more work than necessary just to play a while with friends.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 00:01

I just hope that this improves the chances of Europe seeing the game in some fashion.
This is really something I want to sink my teeth into, but ATLUS will probably force me to buy an Ametican 3DS if I wanna play it or Etrian Oddysey.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 00:03

Man, I hope more games go digital! This will help keep games like this alive way past the limited prints they get. I hope Blaz Blue and Dead or Alive get this treatment as well!
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 01:13

Same day as Unchained Blades.

Wonder if there's a connection.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 01:17

For $20 or less, and I'll consider it over the retail version. If it's $40, I'll wait until I find the retail version for $20.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 02:37

I thought the game would be more fun. I ended up wanting to pull my hair out. That and it kills my hands...
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 03:07

IF the price is right, I'm in. I still want a retail copy in my collection though.
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 08:50

Good things come to those who wait.

I have been waiting for this to come to the eShop. I hope the same happens with Black Opps 2 on the Wii U eShop.
No Avatar
20 Dec 2012 13:35

Is the retail for this $40? Every copy of this game that I've seen at stores had it priced at $30

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