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Mii Daan calls it a day

I have sadly no idea where RMC is, but I kept the fort going as long as I could. This European bloke will have a very short sleep, but believe me, you guys are worth all the hassle. Thank you for sticking me today, despite this evening being very low on news.

Daan, over and out!

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20 Dec 2012 01:29

How'd you get an image of your mii like that?
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20 Dec 2012 01:40

Daan, that Mii looks nothing like you xD
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20 Dec 2012 05:08

What do you mean you don't know wher RMC is!?
What was he supposed to do??
Now I'm all worried. O_O
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20 Dec 2012 05:56


*Gasp* say it aint so, RMC is missing? Time to put out an APB, he must be found.

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20 Dec 2012 06:06

Don't cut back on sleep! Hasn't Wii Fit taught you anything?
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20 Dec 2012 10:04

komicturtle92 wrote:How'd you get an image of your mii like that?

He created this in the Mii Studio on the Wii U. It's possible to save it on a SD Card.

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